The ultimate customizable NFT

Extend is a groundbreaking utility NFT project!

A million Spaces will be minted for FREE on the blazing fast Solana network, the largest NFT mint to date. Mint a single Space or collect a whole Neighborhood right from the canvas.


Become a Neighbor

Spaces are programmable. To start each Space gives the Space owner the ability to modify the color of a single pixel on our 1000 x 1000 Canvas. Imagine what’s possible with a little coordination!

Trade your way to the top

Buy and Sell pixels on our canvas. Look for opportunities to expand your territory!

Extend your Spaces

Extend is open to developers and new experiences will continue to be added. Each Space is minted with an X and Y coordinate. The Z is left to you, the creators.

See the first layer built on Extend.

We’ve built a Canvas to display your unique Spaces.
Buy, sell, and customize to your heart’s content.



Check our Discord and Twitter for public mint times. The Genesis Neighborhood will be publicly minting on February 17 at 14:00 UTC.

1. Connect your wallet.
2. Select the amount of Space vouchers you would like to claim and click “Get Vouchers.”
3. Solve the captcha correctly.
4. Select the number of vouchers you’d like to redeem. Each Space mint requires one voucher and about 0.014 SOL, so be sure to budget for that fixed cost!

We do not believe users with bots are entitled to unlimited minting. The captcha prevents botting and is our “proof of human work.”

For minters who want the convenience of acquiring a larger batch of vouchers, we have come up with pricing to allow that. The price for a single voucher is 0 SOL and for 10 vouchers is 0.1 SOL. Note that there is a cap on the number of vouchers in a single transaction of 100 (~1.85 SOL).

Using the Canvas

Make sure that your wallet is connected and that the Spaces have been registered (click the “Register” button after minting).

Simply press shift, click and drag. The interface will then allow you to upload an image (or a gif for animations!). You can only upload an image over Spaces that you own.

By default a Space is not listed. That particular Space needs to be registered and listed for sale.


Extend is building the next generation of NFT, Spaces. Each Space represents ownership of coordinates (x,y) which can be extended to participate in new application layers. The Canvas is just the first layer.

- Buy SOL: available on Coinbase, FTX, etc...
- Transfer / withdraw SOL to your Phantom Wallet to interact with the website. How to setup a Phantom wallet
- Follow the mint instructions under “How do I mint a Space?”.

Solana is the most efficient blockchain available right now. A project of this magnitude would be prohibitively expensive on Ethereum.

Based on the most recent (Nov 2021) energy usage report on Solana, each transaction uses 1,837 J, which is less than the energy usage of two Google searches and 0.000265 percent of the equivalent cost for an Ethereum transaction. To put that into perspective, minting one million Spaces uses less energy than minting an Ethereum collection of size 3.

- Actions taken on the website send transactions directly to the blockchain.
- When you connect to our website, your browser reads the state directly from the blockchain.
- No intermediaries!

Initially, Space owners will be able to:
- Change the color of the corresponding Canvas pixel
- Add animations
- Buy and sell their Spaces
- Upload images and gifs to span multiple pixels
Check the roadmap for planned features.

Zero, we are committed to the lowest transaction costs possible and we view you, the Space owners, as the creators.

One percent, full proceeds go to the Extend DAO and will be used for future development.

Any convenience fees collected will go to the Extend DAO.


Stay tuned